Meet the Staff of Connected Modeling Magazine

Sal W. Hanna, Editor in Chief, is a respected author, photographer, and publisher. As a natural light specialist, Sal has been able to incorporate his unique perspective of light in live event settings to studio settings. With many national clients, He has named his unique style as “Fashionable Boudoir” and it has made him a well sought-after photographer!

He was the Founder and Editor in Chief of UnCovered Magazine which he sold in 2018. Currently, he is the Editor in Chief of Connected Modeling Magazine, a Senior Photographer of Glamour Model Magazine, and Contributing Photographer of Virile Magazine. As a natural light specialist, Sal W. Hanna, has been able to incorporate his unique perspective of light in settings from live events to studio settings in a private Huntington Beach Photography Studio. He calls this style,”Fashionable Boudoir.”

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Contributing Photographers

Jay Kilgore

Jay Kilgore is a nationally published and sponsored photographer. He is the Editor in Chief of Glamour Model Magazine!

Jay teaches photography workshops across the US, as well as one on ones. His photography work has appeared in the following magazines and online distributions: Maxim online, FHM, CO-ED, Playboy Cyber Club, ROCKSTAR, Penthouse, Prom Dress Magazine, Seventeen Prom, Cosmo Prom, Shutter Bug, Professional Photographer Magazine, and many others.

“I hope you enjoy my work and have fun!” – Jay Kilgore

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Joshua James

Joshua James is an Actor, Print Model, Fashion Show Producer, Creative Director, Voice Over Artist, Stylist, Runway/Acting Coach, Filmmaker, Casting Director, Published Iphone-ographer & Show Host.

Joshua James, Photographer

Today, Joshua James is known for his elaborate, red carpet fashion shows/events, showcased throughout Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and all over the U.S., attracting audiences in the hundreds. His expertise has allowed him to oversee a talent agency in Beverly Hills, work with L.A.’s top fashion designers, produce several beauty pageants, and teach students at two of the most elite schools of performing arts. Joshua’s fashion endeavors have lead to him styling numerous celebrities such as Val Kilmer, Victoria Justice, Joey Lawrence, Amanda Schull, Bobby Brackins, Perez Hilton, and travel the world internationally as former Fashion Editor for SU Magazine.

 Joshua has now taken up iPhoneography, landing multiple published photoshoots, and is now pursuing Fashion Filmmaking, featuring several couture designers.

Now, he’s on to even BIGGER things in Fashion!

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Trippy Sanders

Trippy Sanders is a photographer, graphic artist, and DJ.


His works are moving and sometimes politically charged. As he creates, he inspires. Trippy uses vivid imagery, color, and intense drama to capture the moment. He is based in Los Angeles, CA and travels throughout the state to create his art.

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Contributing Writer

Elizabeth Bebout

Elizabeth is a writer, model, actress, student, and mother.

Photographer: Chris Ceresceres (@chris_c_pics)

Photographer: Michel Roy (@luvpho)

I was born and raised in Los Angeles County, and my studies have brought me north to Santa Barbara. I commute to LA weekly, though, to spend time with my six-year-old. It’s been a goal of mine to get a degree, live my modeling dreams, and serve my community with my daughter by my side; so far so good! After my run-in with the photographer who introduced me to Model Mayhem, I have returned to the site off and on to look for projects to update my portfolio and earn additional income.

Shoots don’t always begin with Model Mayhem. Networking at film festivals and other Hollywood events has led to some of my favorite projects, too. The aesthetic of my portfolio is classic beauty with a hint of the past. I’m sure I’ll broaden that horizon in the future. I haven’t submitted applications to modeling agencies, because the academic and parenting careers are my priority. After graduating next year, I plan to look for representation and model more consistently.