Photographer: Trippy Sanders

…or someone else will.

Elle Love captures your attention as she lounges in her yellow lingerie set.

Sometimes life deals you a bad hand but in those moments beautiful things can spawn from tragedies. That’s the amazing thing of being an artist. Taking from our life’s , rearranging and sometimes it’s filling a void sometimes it’s uplifting sometimes it’s to help get thru some things, and creating for me is the true therapy. Model and Aerialist Elle has been freelancing in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for 5+ years. She has a passion for the physical arts, including dance, aerial and modeling. With a wide range of modeling experience, from catalog and fitness to high fashion and runway, Elle is one of the most versatile models we know. Elle’s vast experience modeling sparked her interest and is extremely helpful in her role as a creative director. Always evolving and topping her last shoot were eager to see what Elle comes up with next. 

Photographer Trippy Sanders – Oakland Ca.

To follow Elle’s story and get to know her better follow her on IG @E_ElleLove