Connected Modeling is proud to present the first print edition of our magazine. This magazine features models: Ashley Gabrielle Duran, Elle Love, Miriam Joy Chick, Genevieve Burnesse, Jen Burnes, Elizabeth Bebout, Amanda Terry, and Caroline Marie McLaughlin. Photographers: Kevin Weinert Sal W. Hanna, Trippy Sanders, Joshua James, Michael Roy, Tushar Naik, John Worthy, and Chris Ceresceres. These dedicated professionals bring forward their creative styles and talents in this showcase edition of Connected Modeling Magazine.

Connected Modeling Magazine Issue 1

By Sal Hanna in Connected Modeling

34 pages, published 9/29/2021

Connected Modeling Magazine featuring Ashley Duran, Genevieve Burnesse, Elle Love, Miriam Joy Chick, Caroline Marie McLaughlin, and more. Beautifully crafted images in glamour, boudoir and nude sytles along with feature stories by Elizabeth Bebout and creative photographers.