Moody Sean

Moody Sean by Sal W. Hanna

I have been freelance modeling my entire life, but to be frank, during the pandemic I felt the need to showcase myself somehow and started taking modeling seriously. I learned modeling is way more than a pretty face— it was starting to evolve into more of an art showcase if you will.

Being able to capture myself in the images & really be able to be raw and creative sparked a fire in me. I found my lane in portraits, film & anything natural.

“A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.” – Sean IG – @ss.ean

Anything that felt hyper-focused on Me, my concept— Dark, fickle, moody, abstract, just all things Sean.

I was no longer pleasing an audience but fulfilling my need of expression, to feel how I really feel and portray that in a photo is indeed very fascinating.

About Author /

Sal W. Hanna, Editor in Chief. Sal is a respected author, photographer, and publisher. As a natural light specialist, Sal has been able to incorporate his unique perspective of light in live event settings to studio settings. With many national clients, He has named his unique style as "Fashionable Boudoir" and it has made him a well sought after photographer!

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